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EIB Microscopy and Digital Imaging Facility

The Experimental Immunology Branch (EIB) Microscopy and Digital Imaging Facility provides instrumentation and support services to CCR, NCI, and NIH investigators.


Zeiss LSM510 META inverted confocal system for optical sectioning and 3D reconstruction,
live cell imaging, laser microirradiation, photoactivation/photoswitching, Qdot imaging.
Two LSM510 META microscopes are available in the facility.

Zeiss PALM laser microdissection
axiovert 200m inverted configuration with UV laser
for laser microdissection and capture

Zeiss Axiovert 200M
high-performance, inverted fluorescence system, time-lapse studies, live-cell imaging.
CARV spinning disk module with Sutter filter wheels.

Zeiss Axioplan 2
upright fluorescence system for simple surveying applications

Zeiss AxioObserver Z1
high-performance, inverted fluorescence system, time-lapse studies, live-cell imaging, deconvolution

Olympus IMT-2
standard inverted fluorescent microscope, cell-culture observation. Hoffman Modulation Contrast optics for brightfield imaging

Zeiss AxioImager M1
upright fluorescence and brightfield system, MetaSystems workstation
specializing in imaging metaphase spreads

Leica Wild MZ 9.5 Stereoscope
high-end dissection microscope with epi, trans, and darkfield illumination

Related Equipment


Image Processing


Hamamatsu ORCA ER
cooled CCD camera for fluorescence applications
Photometrics Coolsnap ES
cooled CCD camera for fluorescence imaging
Zeiss MRc5
cooled color CCD camera for brightfield imaging

Dell Precision T7400
multi-processor graphics workstation for
multi-dimensional image processing and analysis

Codonics 1660
photo-quality, thermo-sublimation printer for publication-ready hard copies
Lexmark C534n
color laser printer, economical color prints


Online sign-up for equipment is coordinated through MS Outlook. See Guidelines and Policies for more information.


To use any EIB Microscopy Facility equipment (microscopes, computers, scanners, printers, etc.) you must first take a training class or demonstrate that you are already familiar with that specific piece of equipment and are able to operate it. Until you receive explicit permission to use MicroDIm equipment, you are NOT AUTHORIZED to use it (see Guidelines and Policies ). Individual training on the equipment is provided by appointment.