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EIB Microscopy and Digital Imaging Facility

Guidelines and Policies

Sign-Up for Microscopes and Computers

Sign-up for MicroDIm microscopes and image processing workstations is mandatory. Sign up for MicroDim equipment is exclusively online and on a first-come first-serve basis. Please enter your name and phone number, so that other users can easily coordinate with you if lamps or lasers should be left on or switched off. If you plan to use a certain piece of equipment for more than 2 half-days per week, please contact Dr. Michael Kruhlak. Tel: 301.435.6402.

The online sign-up can be accessed through your Outlook client. The sign-up calendars are located in the Public Folders:

\Public Folders\All Public Folders\NCI\EIB\Microscopy Facility\

For your convenience, you can drag the calendars you use most from the Outlook Folder List to your desktop to create a shortcut.

Facility Access and Training Requirements

To use any equipment (microscopes, computers, scanners, printers, etc.) in the EIB Microscopy Facility you need to take a training class or prove that you already are familiar with a specific piece of equipment and are able to operate it. Unless you receive explicit permission to use the equipment, you are NOT authorized to operate it. Please follow the steps outlined below to get appropriate training and facility access:

  1. Schedule an initial meeting with the facility staff to evaluate your project and discuss the appropriate equipment.
  2. Schedule an initial training session on the equipment most appropriate for your experiment (e.g., confocal microscope).
  3. Follow-up training sessions will be conducted until you are comfortable operating the equipment. In general, users are expected to operate this equipment themselves.

To schedule a training session or evaluation, please contact Dr. Michael Kruhlak. Tel: 301.435.6402

Acknowledgments and Collaborations

For record keeping of the facility's research contribution, users are requested to notify the head of the facility when images collected in the facility are published, or used in presentations at meetings, site visits, etc. After publication, please supply a reprint to the facility.

The EIB Microscopy Facility should be acknowledged on slides prepared from facility data. Manuscripts that include data from the facility should acknowledge the EIB Microscopy and Imaging Facility, and Dr. Michael J. Kruhlak.

Interactions that involve more than basic training on how to operate the microscopes and image processing equipment should lead to a formal collaboration and co-authorship on papers, by mutual agreement of all parties.

After-Hours Access to the Facility

The EIB Microscopy Facility can be accessed using the general EIB key. Nevertheless, after- hours access to equipment in the facility has to be authorized by the facility head. If you plan to use the facility after-hours or on the weekend, please contact Dr. Michael Kruhlak. Tel: 301.435.6402.

Disk Space on Computers

  • ALWAYS place your files in a local directory with your name, usually \userdata\LastnameFirstInitial. Files found outside of these directories associated with a name are subject to deletion and without warning.
  • NEVER place files on your desktop.
  • Image files should not be left for more than a few days on any of the microscope computers which are:
    • EIB-lsmmeta-1 (confocal microscope)
    • EIB-lsmmeta-2 (confocal microscope)
    • NCI-eibcarv (axiovert 200M CARV microscope)
    • NCI-eibmetasys (axioimager MetaSystems microscope)
    • NCI-eibmicroPALM (laser microdissection microscope)
    • EIB-microaxpln2 (upright epifluorescence microscope)
  • Transfer files for intermediate storage and postprocessing to either of the two image processing workstations in the facility office (\\eibmicroimagean\userdata or \\NCI-eibmicropro\userdata). Again, user files are stored locally on d:\users\LastnameFirstInitial
  • Long-term archiving of images is available on a NCI storage server, currently named EIBImage, and located at \\ncifs-p018\EIBImage\nci\eib. Please contact Dr. Michael Kruhlak (Tel: 301.435.6402), for access and detailed information.
  • Always have at least 2 copies of your data. Although all facility computers with exception of the two confocal computers (eib-lsmmeta-1 and eib-lsmmeta-2) are backed up on a nightly basis, the EIB Microscopy Facility does not assume any responsibility for lost data.

Codonics Color Printer Media

The default printing medium for the Codonics Thermasublimation printer is Chromavista color paper.

Use DirectVista paper if you need to print in grayscale or black and white (B/W), or for B/W transparencies.

Changing Media Policy:

  1. Submit your print job through the Web interface of the printer. Select the desired media type and the correct size (A-letter). Your print job will then be queued until the correct print medium is available.
  2. Only a trained user may remove or install the ribbon. For instructions, contact Dr. Michael Kruhlak. Tel: 301.435.6402
  3. Leave a sticky note with the name, media type, and estimated time when you anticipate to be finished with printing on the printer.
  4. Change the printer medium immediately back to color paper when you are done with your print job.

Be considerate of the media cost. Labs that use the printer frequently will be asked to purchase media, depending on usage.

Chromavista Paper (Color):  $2.00/sheet
Chromavista Transparency (Color):  $2.50/sheet
DirectVista paper (Grayscale, B/W):   $0.50/sheet