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The GU Malignancies Center of Excellence sponsors a monthly journal club and a monthly seminar series, alternating bi-weekly on Thursdays at noon.

Seminar Series

April 7, 2016: Steven Balk, M.D., Ph.D, Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
"Mechanisms Driving Resistance to New Androgen Receptor Targeted Therapies in Prostate Cancer"
Building 50 Room 1227/1233, 12:00 

February 25, 2016: Scott Kelly, Ph.D., Molecular Epidemiology Branch
"Risk Factors and Temporal Trends for Aggressive and Fatal Prostate Cancer"
Building 10 Room 4-3330, 12:00 

February 4, 2016: Lawrence Fong, M.D., University of California San Francisco
"Prostate cancer immunotherapy: Where are we at?"
Building 10 Room 2-330, 12:00

Translational Journal Club

April 28, 2016: hosted by Kendra Williams (NHGRI/CGCGB) and Spencer Krane (UOB) at noon
Frequent somatic CDH1 loss-of-function mutations in plasmacytoid variant bladder cancer
Building 10, Room 4N230 

March 24, 2016: hosted by Adam Sowalsky (LGCP) and Ravi Madan (GMB) at noon
Blocking c-Met–mediated PARP1 phosphorylation enhances anti-tumor effects of PARP inhibitors and
Integrating Murine and Clinical Trials with Cabozantinib to Understand Roles of MET and VEGFR2 as Targets for Growth Inhibition of Prostate Cancer
Building 10, FAES Classrooms 6 & 7

Branch and Department Seminars of Interest

May 26, 2016: Joshua Lang, M.D., University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
"Translational Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer: Intersection of Engineering, Biology and Clinical Care"
Building 37, Room 4107/4041, 2:00
Sponsored by: Laboratory of Genitourinary Cancer Pathogenesis

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