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Local Web Content Managers - By Lab/Branch/Program

This page was last updated on June 21, 2018

*Lead Content Manager 

Lab/Branch/Program/OfficeWeb Content Manager(s)
Basic Research Laboratory

*Annie Rogers  

Cancer and Data Science LaboratorySue Fox (Acting)
Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory

*Ravi Chalamalasetty

Kim Mellon

Cancer and Inflammation Program

Joan Boxell

Tammy Eyler (Leidos investigators)

Caroline Iciek (Bethesda)

Laraine Main

Chemical Biology Laboratory

*Dina Sigano

Trish Beard

Developmental Therapeutics Branch

*Althea Hinds

Experimental Immunology Branch

*Jeff Hammer

Caroline McCabe

Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch

*Cathy Bare

Tracey Chinn

Ana Tarrinha

RNA Biology Laboratory

*Michael Bonaduce 

Christine Hayter

Genetics Branch

*Beverly Stalker

Nancy Sossavi

Genitourinary Malignancies Branch

*Tammy Cole

Heaven Russell

HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch*Darlene Portney
HIV Dynamics and Replication Program

*Anne Arthur

Terry Burdette

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

*Jemima Barrowman

Jennifer Whipp

Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics

*David Hicks

Luowei Li

Luanne Lukes

Weldon Payne

Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling*Jennifer Wright
Laboratory of Cell Biology

*George Leiman

Consuelo Holguin

Joseph Finney (Dr. Subramaniam)

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology

*Nancy Cruz

Elsy Hernandez

Laboratory of Cellular OncologySue Fox (Acting)
Laboratory of Genitourinary Cancer Pathogenesis

*Miriam Breaugh

Ross Lake

Laboratory of Genome Integrity

*Sam John

Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis

*Elisa Spillare

Chauna Anglin

Mohammed Khan

Karen Yarrick

Laboratory of Immune Cell Biology

*Melanie Vacchio

Qi Xiao

Laboratory of Metabolism

*Tom Ellerman 

Linda Byrd

Laboratory of Molecular Biology

*Emily (Chin-Hsien) Tai

Pat Goggins

Alonda McDuffie

Laboratory of Pathology

*Joseph Chinquee

Sarah Young

Kayla O'Donnell

Laboratory of Protein Dynamics and Signaling*Valarie Porter
Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression

*Cynthia Haggerty

Ally Burke

Rachael Stitely

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology

*Debra Weingarten

Robin Riley

Lymphoid Malignancies Branch*Sildiz Ali
Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory

*Lori Larson

Douglas Bailey

Medical Oncology Service

*Heaven Russell

Tammy Cole

Molecular Imaging Program

*Mirna Martinez

Karen Wong

Molecular Targets Laboratory

*John Beutler

Mouse Cancer Genetics Program,

Center for Advanced Preclinical Research (CAPR)

*Iben Hanson
Neuro-Oncology Branch

*Lilian Yang 

Adam Benedek

Nancy Garren

Sherita Morris

Alix Philogen

Pediatric Oncology Branch

*Miki Kasai

Radiation Biology Branch*Lauren Shifflett
Radiation Oncology Branch

*Anita Mahone

May Garcia

Structural Biophysics Laboratory

*Cynthia Castle

Justus Benson

Surgery Branch

Dr. Stephanie Goff

Michelle Gaye

Thoracic and GI Malignancies Branch*Shane Hughes
Thoracic and Oncologic Surgery Branch*Joanna Lamot
Urologic Oncology Branch

*Margaret Michels

Vaccine Branch

*Lisa Smith

Terry Jones (Drs. Felber & Pavlakis)  

Jacqueline McPhail

Women's Malignancies Branch

*Josselyn White

Fatou Hughes

Yoshima Greer

High Resolution Electron Microscopy (EM)*Joseph Finney
Center for Molecular Microscopy (CMM)*Kedar Narayan
Center for Advanced Preclinical Research (CAPR)*Ken Miller
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