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2004 Events


DateStart TimeSpeakerLocationSponsorTitle
10/1/200412:00 PM - 1:30 PMThomas Kupper, MD Dr. Joost Oppenheim  
10/8/200412:00 PMDr. Xiaoxia Li Dr. Ana Gamero Signal Transduction in Innate and Adaptive Immunity 
10/15/200412:00 PMNo Seminar, Immunology Retreat   
10/26/200412:00 PM    
10/29/200412:00 PMDr. Jonathan Yewdell Dr. Scott Durum 
11/1/200414:00 PMLMI - Dr. Qiong Jiang LMI Is IL-7's lymphotrophic mechanism unique? Focus on IL-7 receptor 
11/5/200412:00 PMDr. Stephanie Constant Dr. Howard Young Immune Evasion Mechanisms of Hookworm Parasites Secreted Product of Necator Americanus that Interacts Exclusively with Natural Killer Cells" 
11/8/200414:00 PMLEI - Cancelled LEI  
11/12/200412:00 PMDr. Allan Weissman Dr. Joost Oppenheim  
11/15/200412:00 PMLMI LMI  
11/19/200412:00 PMDr. Thomas Mitchell Scott Durum  
11/22/200412:00 PMLEI - Dr. Kevin Lock LEI Mapping the Road to Interferon Synergy in NK Cells 
11/25/200412:00 PMHOLIDAY   
11/26/200412:00 PMNo Seminar - Holiday   
11/29/200412:00 PMLMI - De Yang426 LMI Participation of antimicrobial proteins (AMPs) in immunity: How does EDN activate dendritic cells? 
12/2/200411:00 AMLEI Informal - Drs. McVicar & Young426 Conf Rm LEI  
12/3/200412:00 PMDr. Christopher Karp Dr. Howard Young  
12/6/200412:00 PMLEI - Dr. Hiroshi Yazawa LEI Novel Interleukin-15 Gene Delivery Resulted in Expansion of Natural Killer Cells 
12/8/200410:00 AMDr. Oppenheim's Lab Meeting - Cancelled560 Conf Rm  
12/9/200412:00 PMLEI Informal - VENDOR (DYNAL)426 Conf Rm LEI Isolation and Methods of Expansion of Antigen-Specific T Regulatory Cells Using Dynabeads 
12/10/200412:00 PMDr. Joan Cook-Mills Dr. Joost Oppenheim VCAM-1 signals during leukocyte migration: Active role of endothelial cells. 
12/10/200413:00 PMPOB - Dr. Amanda Karsten Dr. Wigginton Sympathetic Modulation of Mammalian Prostate Cancer 
12/13/200412:00 PMLMI - Dr. Wenging Li426 LMI L-7 promotes Tcell survival and proliferation 
12/15/200410:00 AMDr. Oppenheim's Lab Meeting560 Conference Room   
12/16/200411:00 AMLEI & SAIC Holiday Party  Lab & SAIC Christmas Party 
12/17/200412:00 PMGiorgio Trincheiri, MD549 Aud. Dr. Joost Oppenheim  
12/20/200410:00 AMDr. Savita Prabhakar426 Conf Rm LEI (POB) The Ins and Outs of the M tuberculosis and Type I Interferons System 
12/20/200412:00 PMLEI - Robin Winkler-Pickett426 LEI EAE - Not Just a T Cell Thing 
12/21/200412:00 PMLMI Holiday LuncheonHoliday Inn, Rt. 40   
12/22/200410:00 AMDr. Oppenheim's Lab Meeting560 Conference Room   
12/23/200411:00 AM

LEI Informal - NONE

12/24/200412:00 PMNo Seminar - Holiday   
12/27/200412:00 PMNo Seminar   
12/29/200410:00 AMDr. Oppenheim's Lab Meeting - CANCELLED   
12/30/200411:00 AM

LEI Informal - NONE

12/31/200411:00 AMNo Seminar - Holiday   
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