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NCI Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology

Chromosome biology in the 21st century focuses on genome function in the context of the intact eukaryotic cell nucleus. Its goals are a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms involved in chromosome function, and the correction of aberrations in these processes that lead to disease.

The Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology (CECB), open to all NCI intramural investigators, brings together experts from fields such as dynamics of chromatin structure and function; epigenetics and gene expression; chromosome segregation and cell division; DNA replication, repair, and recombination; chromosome organization and gene localization; and nuclear protein interaction dynamics. The CECB integrates the intellectual and physical resources within NCI's Intramural Research Program to support outstanding research in chromosome biology. Download our brochure


  • Promote interaction and collaboration among researchers within the NCI, NIH, and beyond
  • Promote advances and opportunities for research in chromosome biology
  • Leverage cutting-edge tools, approaches, and resources to advance chromosome biology as it applies to cancer research
  • Train young investigators to address complex scientific questions through collaboration and multi-disciplinary approaches
Special Notices/Announcements

Registration is now open for the Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute Symposium
Nuclear Structure, Genome Integrity and Cancer
November 30 - December 1, 2016
Natcher Conference Center at NIH
Bethesda, Maryland
This symposium will bring together internationally renowned experts in the fields of chromosome structure and function, with the focus on: Anueploidy, Genome
Instability & Therapeutic Approaches, DNA Replication Stress, Nuclear Structure & Dynamic, Telomere Integrity, and Double Strand Break Repair.
Meeting Co-Chairs: Munira Basrai, Andre Nussenzweig, and Thomas Ried
Speakers to include (tentatively):
Angelika Amon, MIT
Munira Basrai, NIH-NCI
Keith Caldecott, University of Sussex
Sandy Chang, Yale University
Frédéric Chédin, UC, Davis
Karlene Cimprich, Stanford University
David Cortez, Vanderbilt University
Thomas Cremer, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Alan D’Andrea, Harvard University
Stephen Elledge, Harvard University
Oscar Fernandez Capetillo, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre
Anja Groth, University of Copenhagen
Gordon Hager, NIH-NCI
Tatsuya Hirano, Riken
Steve Jackson, Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Maria Jasin, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Jos Jonkers, Netherlands Cancer Institute
Eros Lazzerini Denchi, Scripps Institute
Erez Lieberman-Aiden, Baylor University
Keir Neuman, NIH-NHLBI
Andre Nussenzweig, NIH-NCI
Yves Pommier, NIH-NCI
Indika Rajapakse, University of Michigan
Agnel Sfeir, New York University
The deadline to register and submit an abstract for a poster presentation is October 28, 2016. There is no registration fee for this meeting.
For more information visit:


Michael Lichten was elected to the  American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Sheue-yann Cheng received the John B. Stanbury Thyroid Pathophysiology Medal Award from the American Thyroid Association

Tom Misteli to receive the 2016 Herman Beerman Award by the Society for Investigative Dermatology


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Upcoming Seminars of Interest

Workshop on Chromosome Biology

September 14, 2016
Location: Bldg 40 1201/1203

This Workshop is sponsored by the NCI's Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology (CECB) and the NIH Chromatin Interest Group. The aim is to foster interaction among major laboratories in the areas of chromosome biology, and to enhance the education and development of junior investigators and fellows in CECB laboratories. With rapid advances and new technologies in the field, continuous interaction with members of the international community is critical to insure the most effective development of our research programs.

Keynote Presentation:Jim Kadonaga (UCSD)

POSTDOC SPEAKERS (speakers not in order of presentation):