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NCI Women Scientist Advisors (WSA)

Rosalind E. Franklin Award

The NCI prize honors the commitment of women in cancer research and is given in tribute to Dr. Franklin, who played a critical role in the discovery of the DNA double helix.

Past Award Winners

  • Maxine Singer, Carnegie Institute, no title, January 2002
  • Margaret Spitz, MD Anderson, "An Approach to Studying Genetic Susceptibility of Lung Cancer", January 2003
  • Janet Rowley, University of Chicago, "Analysis of Gene Expression in Leukemia in the 21st Century", January 2004
  • Joan S. Brugge, Harvard Medical School, "Probing Mechanisms of Breast Epithelial Oncogenesis in a 3D Culture Model", January 2005
  • Joan A. Steitz, Yale University, "More Surprises of snRNPs", January 2006
  • Alice Whittemore, Stanford University, "Preventing Deaths from Breast and Ovarian Cancer", January 2007
  • Nancy Davidson, Johns Hopkins University, "Epigenetics and Breast Cancer", January 2008
  • Carol Prives, Columbia University, "New Insights into p53 and Mdm2", January 2009
  • Leslie Bernstein, City of Hope National Medical Center, "Reducing Breast Cancer Risk Through Biology, Epidemiology, and Serendipity", January 2010
  • Kathyrn Bloch Horwitz, University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus, "Orgin of Luminal vs. Basal Breast Cancer Subtypes: Control by Steroid Hormones and Notch Signaling", January 2011
  • Titia de Lange, The Rockefeller University, "How Telomeres Solve the End-Protection Problem", January 2012
  • Valerie Beral, University of Oxford, "Rosalind Franklin and Cancer in Women", January 2014
  • Lisa M. Coussens, Oregon Health and Science University, " 13th Rosalind E. Franklin Award for Women in Science" January 2015
  • Kornelia Polyak, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, "2016 Rosalind Franklin Award Recipient"
  • Silvia Franceschi, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, 2017 Rosalind Franklin Award winner