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The NIH Women Scientist Advisors (WSA) was established in 1992 as an open forum for women scientists in the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) to discuss and exchange ideas. CCR’s WSA are elected by their colleagues and serve two-year terms.

The CCR WSAs support and promote career development and address issues that women scientists may face.  Their activities include:

  • Sponsor the annual NCI Rosalind E. Franklin Award Lecture for Women in Cancer Research held at the intramural PI retreat and other lectures throughout the year of interest to the community;
  • Hold “Brown Bag” informal open meetings to update CCR women scientists and hear about their concerns;
  • Attend CCR Lab/Branch Chief meetings as WSA representative;
  • Meet on a regular basis with the CCR Scientific Directors to discuss activities and issues of interest to the women scientist community;
  • Represent CCR at NIH WSA meetings and activities;
  • Provide career development advice and/or resources to CCR women scientists.

(L to R) Pat Steeg, Carol Thiele, Mary Kearney, Terry Armstrong, Nirali Shah, Brunilde Gril (not pictured)

CCR Women Scientific Advisors
Carol J. Thiele, Ph.D. - Pediatric Oncology Branch (Bethesda Campus)
Patricia S. Steeg, Ph.D. - Women's Malignancies Branch (Bethesda Campus)Terri Armstrong, Ph.D. - Neuro Oncology Branch (Bethesda Campus)
Mary Kearney, Ph.D. - Host - Virus Interaction Branch (Frederick Campus)

Adjunct WSAs
Brunilde Gril, Ph.D.- Women's Malignancies Branch , (Staff Scientists)
Nirali Shah, M.D. 
- Pediatric Oncology Branch, (Staff Clinicians)

CCR OD Liaison
Beverly Mock, Ph.D. - CCR Deputy Director
Laura Hooper, Ph.D.
- Scientific Program Analyst

Featured Women Scientists



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