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CCR and NIH Web Policies

Social Media

Social Media

1) Linking to Personal Social Media Sites

CCR Web sites cannot contain links to any personal Web sites or personal social media sites (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc.).

2) NCI-Sponsored Social Media Sites

NCI's Office of Communications and Education (OCE) has developed standards and guidelines for using NCI-sponsored platforms as part of official NCI communications efforts. These guidelines also:

  • help inform NCI staff about the standards that apply when they are officially representing NCI on their personal blogs, Facebook Profiles, Twitter accounts, YouTube and other non-NCI social networking sites.
  • ensure that NCI’s social media engagement is consistent with the direction and requirements of the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services.

If you use social media, the following can help:

  • OCE has established a website on MyNCI that contains guidelines for using each of the four platforms, including sections describing the need to get your supervisor’s approval when identifying yourself as an NCI employee or posting officially on personal or other non-NCI social media sites.
  • The communications contact for your division, office or center can discuss your DOC’s policies on using social media for professional NCI purposes.
  • Your communication program manager in OCE’s Communications Planning and Coordination Branch (CPCB) can answer questions about these guidelines and provide help and guidance about social media.

You can also see how the NCI is using a number of social media channels by visiting’s new media page.

These social tools are dynamic, undergoing regular changes to their processes, and the NCI guidelines will be updated periodically to reflect these modifications. In the future, policies and standards will also be developed for additional social media platforms for which HHS has negotiated Terms of Service (TOS) agreements allowing their legal use by federal agencies, so stay tuned!

Access to Blocked Sites

The NIH and NCI networks generally do not allow access to Facebook and some other social networking sites; however, that does not diminish NCI’s commitment to communicating with the public on channels people use. If you require use of a blocked site for your official business responsibilities, you can fill out the Request for Access to NIH-Blocked Internet Content form available at and submit it to your supervisor to initiate the required IC and NIH approval processes.

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