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Courses and Mentorship

Courses for Tenure-Track Investigators

There are several courses that are tailored specifically for NIH tenure-track investigators, and these courses have been generally well received by your peers. The course shown below is sponsored by the NIH Office of Intramural Research (OIR).

How to Succeed as a Principal Investigator at the NIH: Leadership and Management Skills

This 2-day course, sponsored by the NIH Office of Intramural Research (no charges for you!), helps prepare participants for leadership in the scientific setting. Among the topics covered are:

  • Leadership Styles and Preferences
  • Teams: Working Through, Motivating, and Developing Others
  • Giving Developmental Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Mentoring
  • How to Hire Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Criteria for Achieving Tenure
  • Handling BSC Reviews

For more information on this workshop, contact Dr. Roland Owens, Assistant Director, Office of Intramural Research, OD, NIH.

NIH Training Center

Visit the NIH Training Center for more information on courses available to all NIH staff.

Mentorship Programs

Your lab/branch chief is your primary mentor. His/her support is essential for obtaining tenure!

However, the NCI-CCR recommends and supports secondary mentors as career advisors. Contact one of your TTI representatives, a CCR deputy director (see below), or Dr. Jonathan Wiest, Chief, NCI Office of Training and Education for independent opinions on secondary mentors.

CCR Deputy Directors (November 2017)

Name & E-mail


Deborah Citrin, M.D.301.496.5457

Mark Gilbert, M.D.


Ron Gress, M.D.


Kathy Kelly, Ph.D.


Daniel McVicar, Ph.D.301.846.5163
Beverly Mock, Ph.D.240.760.6942

Larry Samelson, M.D.


Joel Schneider, Ph.D.


Carol Thiele, Ph.D.


Brigitte Widemann, M.D.301.496.7387

In addition, your representatives and the Office of the Director are currently working on the implementation of an Internal Review Committee for a mid-term review of each TTI. Stay tuned!

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