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Tenure Track Investigator Committee (TTIC)

About Tenure

The NIH Intramural Research Sourcebook provides information on intramural professional designations (IPDs) and procedures, NIH advisory committees, ethical conduct, intramural research oversight, and other topics.

In general, each tenure-track investigator will be granted up to 6 years (8 years for clinical and epidemiological investigators) to establish his/her record as an independent scientist before being evaluated for tenure. For more detailed information re: the tenure timetable, including stop-the-clock, extend-the-clock, and early tenure provisions, visit the NIH Intramural Research Sourcebook's Tenure-Track Program section.

If the Scientific Director supports tenure, the application for tenure would normally be submitted after the second site visit (see Site Visits).

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On Track for Tenure

NIH Tenure Requirements and Process

Tenure Committees - CCR tenure committees, NIH Central Tenure Committee (CTC)

CCR Tenure-Track (TT) Contacts

RaeJean Hermansen, Program Specialist
Office of Scientific Programs
Building 15D2, Room 104
Tel: 301-451-9568


Gretchen White, Program Specialist
Office of Scientific Programs
Building 428, Room 46
Tel: 301-846-5804