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SSSC Committee

Elected Officers

Yoshimi GreerCo-Chair, BethesdaE-mail, Website
Even WalsengVice Co-Chair, BethesdaE-mail
Lindsay RoweCo-Chair, Staff ClinicianE-mail, Website
Esther MenaVice Co-Chair, Staff ClinicianE-mail
Jason StagnoCo-Chair, FrederickE-mail, Website
Balamurugan KuppusamVice Co-Chair, FrederickE-mail, Website

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Professional Development Sub-Committee

 More Information


Swati ChoksiE-mail, Website
Lakshmi BalagopalanE-mail, Website
David Davis E-mail, Website
Brunilde GrilE-mail, Website

Sukhbir Kaur

E-mail, Website
Cynthia MasisonE-mail, Website
Ana RoblesE-mail, Website
Uma ShankavaramE-mail, Website
Chin-Hsien (Emily) TaiE-mail, Website
Liu-Ya TangE-mail, Website
Wei TangE-mail, Website
Even WalsengE-mail, Website
Jonathan WiestE-mail, Website
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Communication Sub-Committee

Co-Chair, The DossierCo-Chair, Website
Anuradha BudhuE-mail, WebsiteAleksandra MichalowskiE-mail, Website
Lakshmi BalagopalanE-mail, WebsiteRavi ChalamalasettyE-mail, Website
Cristina BergamaschiE-mail, WebsiteWenuye SunE-mail, Website
Takaski FurusawaE-mail, Website

Chin-Hsien (Emily) Tai

E-mail, Website
Anne GegonneE-mail, Website  
Brunilde GrilE-mail, Website  
Alexandra ZimmerEmail, Website  
member access                      member access

Social Networking Sub-Committee

Even Walseng E-mail, Website
Swati Choksi E-mail, Website
Aleksandra MichalowskiE-mail, Website
Connie SommersE-mail, Website

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Annual Retreat Sub-Committee (2018)


Yoshimi GreerE-mail, Website
Abdul WaheedE-mail, Website 

Kajal Biswas

Email, Website  
Paul Boyer Email, Website
Ravindra Chalamalasetty Email, Website
David DanforthEmail, Website

Siddhartha Datta

Email, Website
Shannon Doyle Email, Website
Sigrid Dubois Email, Website
Nicole GarnerEmail, Website

Duane Hamilton

Email, Website
Angela JonesEmail, Website
Michael KruhlakEmail, Website
Balamurugan KuppusamyEmail, Website
Zhihui LiuEmail, Website
Ruibai LuoEmail, Website
Vladimir MajerciakEmail, Website
Prashant MishraEmail, Website
Anu PuriEmail, Website
Arthur ShafferEmail, Website
Uma ShankavaramEmail, Website

Shree Singh

Email, Website

Sergey Tarasov

E-mail, Website

Jonathan Wiest

E-mail, Website

Wanping Xu

Email, Website
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Executive Sub-Committee


Bert GoldE-mail, Website
Deborah HodgeE-mail, Website
O.M. Zack HowardE-mail, Website
Christophe MarchandE-mail, Website
Ofelia Olivero

E-mail, Website

Alison RattrayE-mail, Website
Ana RoblesE-mail, Website
Sergey TarasovE-mail, Website
Lyuba VarticovskiE-mail, Website
Yvona WardE-mail, Website
Lauren WoodE-mail, Website
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