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Office of Science and Technology Partnerships

2012 Ingenuity Technology Pilot Program

Exclusively for researchers at NCI-CCR and Frederick National Lab

Thank you for your interest in the Ingenuity Systems Technology Pilot and Research Project.  Sign up for this free program to evaluate iReport and Variant Analysis, Ingenuity’s new solutions for the acceleration of analysis and biological interpretation of ‘omics data.  Benefits of the program include:

  • Full-featured, no-cost product evaluations
  • Training and support to ensure success
  • Opportunities to collaborate and publish
  • Increased visibility of scientific achievements

Ingenuity iReport for Human, Mouse or Rat RNA-Seq, Expression Microarray and Real-Time PCR

Ingenuity Variant Analysis for Human Whole Genome, Exome and Focused DNA Resequencing

iReport takes raw expression data and transforms it into a customized, interactive report that clearly summarizes the aff­ected biology. It quickly provides you with a list of significantly di­fferentially expressed genes, along with easy, intuitive tools that help you better identify and understand interesting biological insights and connections.

Variant Analysis™ combines analytical tools and integrated content to help you rapidly identify a short list of compelling variants using selection criteria based both upon published biological evidence and your own knowledge of disease biology.

Click here to watch a short demo of iReport

Click here to watch a short demo of Variant Analysis

Ingenuity Variant Analysis

Product page:

Ingenuity iReport for RNAseq

Product page:

Stay Tuned for Training Announcements

REGISTRATION:  It’s easy to get started in the pilot program.  To register, Click HERE

Ingenuity will provide each lab with a code to enter during the registration process to gain no-charge access to the Ingenuity products. Researchers may either upload /transfer their data directly to the Ingenuity website located at or request via Julie Deschenes at to have a dedicated /secure Sharefile or ftps site set up for their specific lab.

This program enables researchers at NCI-CCR and the Frederick National Lab to get a full-featured, no-cost evaluation of Ingenuity’s new applications, including iReportTM, for a fast and accurate way to understand gene expression data, and Variant AnalysisTM, for rapidly finding causal variants using a knowledge-driven approach.

In order to participate in the pilot program, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Be in possession of either a) Human Whole Genome, Exome or focused DNA resequencing or b) Human, mouse or rat RNA-Seq, expression microarray or real-time PCR datasets.
  • Be interested in providing product feedback and ideas to Ingenuity including but not limited to completing a user survey.
  • Be willing to cite Ingenuity in any publication, poster or presentation stemming from work done within the applications.
  • Agree to maintain information and details on this program as confidential unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing.
  • Give consideration to serve as a customer reference, and as appropriate, to introduce Ingenuity products to organizations that would benefit from their use.

In return Ingenuity will provide:

  • Upload of existing datasets to Ingenuity Variant Analysis and activations at no-cost.  ($495 list price value per sample)
  • Upload of existing datasets to Ingenuity iReport and activations at no-cost.  ($495 list price value per report)
  • Access to these datasets for the period of the program.
  • Unlimited sharing of these datasets with colleagues/collaborators for the period of the program.
  • An initial training session to get oriented with Ingenuity applications. 
  • Unlimited access to Ingenuity Customer Support during the program.
  • “Office Hours” sessions at NCI during the pilot to provide support and answer questions
  • A follow-on “User Meeting” at NCI, in which pilot participants present their results, discuss experiences, and receive guidance on best practices to ensure they able to get value from their data and to answer any analysis questions.

For additional information please contact Ted King, Account Executive from Ingenuity Systems at or (240) 731-7102.

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