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JB6 Mouse Model

JB6 References 1981
  1. Colburn NH & Gindhart T. Specific binding of transforming growth factor correlates with promotion of anchorage independence in EGF receptorless JB6 cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 102: 799-807, 1981.  Abstract 
  2. Colburn NH, Wendel E, & Abruzzo G. Dissociation of mitogenesis and late-stage promotion of tumor cell phenotype by phorbol esters. Mitogen resistant variants are sensitive to promotion. Proc NatL Acad Sci USA 78: 6912-6916, 1981.  Abstract  Full Text   
  3. Dion LD, DeLuca L, & Colburn NH. Phorbol ester-induced anchorage independence and its antagonism by retinoic acid correlates with altered expression of specific glycoproteins. Carcinogenesis 2: 951-958, 1981.  Abstract