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The Redox Biology Faculty met at the Bethesda North Marriott hotel.  Drs. David Wink, Stefan Ambs, Perwez Hussain, Terry Moody, David Roberts, Georgio Trincieri, X.W. Wang, Grace Yeh, Lisa Ridnour and Howard Young were present.  Dr. Moody presented the evaluations for the Redox Biology (RB) course which was offered in the Fall of 2010.  The RB course was rated as excellent. 
Dr. Wink proposed a plan for a redox biology program in oxidative stress.  Redox inflammatory responses lead to poor outcomes in certain cancers.  A goal is to discover new agents reversing inflammatory responses e.g. activators of PP2A.  NOS2 and TIMP1 expression leads to poor prognosis in estrogen receptor negative breast cancer   Redox mechanisms involved in immune response alter cancer metastasis.  NOS inhibitors delay tumor growth by prolonging the immune response in polarized Th1 cells.  A goal is to define new agents which increase the immune response and inhibit metastasis.  Potential drugs include sulfur NSAIDs, IPANO-Aspirin (ASP) and DEANO-ASP.

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