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COTC021 and COTC022: Evaluation of Orally Administered mTOR inhibitor Rapamycin in Dogs in the Adjuvant Setting with Osteosarcoma Compared to Standard of Care

Status: Open

Purpose: All dogs will receive standard of care. Standard of care includes surgical removal of tumor and four doses of carboplatin chemotherapy. Dogs will be randomized at time of enrollment to either be in study COTC022 (standard of care alone) or COTC021 (standard of care followed by 4 months of rapamycin administration). The antimetastatic effects of rapaymcin will be compared to standard of care alone. 160 dogs will be enrolled on this study.

Sponsor: Morris Animal Foundation

Participating Sites


Study Numbers:  160 dogs anticipated

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Histologically or cytologically confirmed osteosarcoma
  • Measurable disease that is amenable to surgical removal via amputation
  • Favorable performance status
  • Only newly diagnosed dogs are eligible with no prior therapy for osteosarcoma

COTC024: Defining PK and biological activity of systemic oncolytic VSV within a dose/schedule optimization study

Status: Open

Purpose: To define the optimal dose and schedule for an oncolytic virus.  Results of this study will be used to inform the design and implementation of clinical trials evaluating VSV-IFNβ-NIS in patients with relapsed or refractory cancer. Dogs will be remain hospitalized for the first 3 days of the study. 

Sponsor: Vyriad

Participating Sites

Study Numbers:  18-20 dogs anticipated

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Pet dogs with any malignancy including lymphoma, sarcomas and carcinomas, amenable to collection of serial biopsies 
  • Favorable performance status
  • Both newly diagnosed dogs and dogs that have received prior therapy are eligible


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