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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LAESpreadsheet (Lin's Recent Update… 106 kB Grove, Linda (NIH/NCI) [E] Oct 24, 2012
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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet LAESpreadsheet.xlsx 36 kB Dixon, Debra (NIH/NCI) [E] Sep 07, 2012
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CCR ARC LAE-Spreadsheet
17/13-14/123Dsig Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Satellite MeetingLong Beach, CA2Byungkook Lee; Chin-Hsien TaiKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/10; NAADD ONS SINCE LAST UPDATE; per Lori - not fwd to Deb Carney
27/14-17/12Aspen Cancer ConferenceAspen, CO2Dr Ryan; Dr OkayamaKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12sent to Lin 7/10YesNAper Lori - not fwd to Deb Carney
37/15-20/12Microbial Stress Response GRCSouth Hadley, MA3Susan Gottesman, Aurelia Battesti, Hyun-Jung LeeKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/10Yes7/12/12per Lori - not fwd to Deb Carney; Lori contacted Karen
47/15-20/12Gordon Research Conference on Diffraction Methods in Structural BiologyLewiston, ME2LIEBSCHNER, Claudia DAUTER, ZbigniewVanessa7/9/127/11/12Sent to Lin/Lori 7/11YesNAper Lori - not fwd to Deb Carney
57/15-20/12FASEB Science Research Conference - Yeast Chromosome Structure, Replication & SegregationSteamboat Spring, CO3Karen Knight7/9/127/11/12
67/15-20/12Gordon Research Conference on Cell Death Lucca, Italy2David FitzGerald, Antonella AntignantKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/10YesNAper Lori - not fwd to Deb Carney
87/19-20/12PARP Inhibitors in Ewing SarcomaAmsterdam, Netherlands1Lee HelmanLin Grove7/11/127/13/12<2 attendees; not fwd
7/26-29/12Gynecologic Oncology Group MtgBoston, MA6Elise Kohn, Christina Annunziata, Jung-Min Lee, Anne Noonan, Nicole Houston, Sharon Fitzgerald (Romano)Karen Knight7/12/12Jamie sent to Lin 7/12/12YesH/C - 7/17/20127/18/12 - travelers permitted to attend per Deb Carney; Lin emailed Jamie, Karen & travelers
97/28-8/2/128th International Congress on Natural Products Research, American Society of PharmacognosyNew York, NY8Kirk Gustafson, Tawnya McKee, Krishna Devkota, Barry O'Keefe, Amaya Castro-Ruiz, Emily Whitson, Susanna Chan, John BeutlerVanessa Guyton7/3/127/10/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/10Yes7/13/127/17/12 - travelers permitted to attend per Deb Carney; Lori contacted Vanessa
7/29/12-?Burkitt LymphomaPhiladelphia, PA7/25/12 - Lori emailed Jamie okay to go fwd
107/28-8/1/12American Crystallographic Association MeetingBoston, MA7MCL: David Waugh, Jason Stagno, Zbigniew Dauter; SBL: Yun-Xing Wang, Xiang Fang; Mirka Dauter,: LCB: Poorva DharkarVanessa7/3/127/10/12sent to Lin 7/13Yes7/19/12 - travelers permitted to attend per Deb Carney; Lin emailed Deb D & Vanessa
7/31/12-?Congress on Oncological Disseases & HerpesvirusPhiladelphia, PA7/25/12 - Lori emailed Jamie okay to go fwd; 7/31/12 - Sue Kiser emailed NIH still reviewing; 8/3/12 - OFM emailed approval from Mary Anne Haskell
117/31-8/5/12The Genetics Society of America Conferences , Yeast and Genetic Molecular Biology MtgPrinceton, NJ4Klar, Amar; Ishikawa, Ken; Moore, Sharon, Ashley DenneyVanessa Guyton7/3/127/10/12to Lin 7/10Yes7/13/127/17/12: travelers permitted to attend per Deb Carney; Lori contacted Vanessa
8/2/-5/122012 Merial-NIH National Vet Scholars SymposiumLoveland, CO7Mark Simpson, Josh Webster, Michole Kohart, Linda Huang, Tyler Peat, Amanda Foskett, Loren RodriguezKaren Knight7/9/12YesN/A7/11/12 per Lori - should have been Attach A submitted by their IC; we can disregard/remove from list
128/5-8/12The Protein Society, 26th Annual SymposiumSan Diego, CA4Yuhe Liang, Dongwen Zhou, Sreejith Raran-Kurussi, Jamaine Davis Vanessa Guyton7/9/127/11/12to Lin 7/16YesH/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/26/12 - Data Call from Deb C.; less than 5 NCI attendees; not submitted to NIH; travelers can proceed
8/13-16/12Blacks In Government (BIG) - 34th Annual Natl Training ConferenceDetroit, MI1*OD: Devonne CollinsLin GroveYesnot reported
138/14-18/12Cold Spring Harbor Labs - Mechanisms & Models of CancerCold Spring Harbor, NY12 13Pete Johnson, Doug Lowy, Bev Mock, Patricia Ferri, Xiaolan Qian, Ji Luo, Valentin Giroux, Chang-Woo Lee, Chih-Shia Lee; Bing Yu, Li Yang, Hagnyi Yan, Dinah SingerLin Grove7/6/127/10/12to Lin 7/10YesH/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/23/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 7/26; increased from 10 to 12 attendees ; 7/31/12 - added Dinah Singer to spreadsheet only as mtg already rept; 8/3/12 - CCR approved for 8 attendees; 8/6/12 - CCR approved for 13 attendees
148/19-23/12244th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting Philadelphia, PA13Nicklaus; Zakharov; Zhao; Gildersleeve; Sonmez; Smith; Giano; Nagy; Biswas; Y Chen; Ruth Nussinov; Buyong Ma; Hyunbum JangVanessa Guyton7/9/127/11/12; Additional info to Lin 7/12; 7/17 Deb D +3 sent to Lin/Lori 7/11YesH/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/23/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 7/26; 8/3/12 - CCR approved for 13 attendees
15 8/21-25/12Cold Spring Harbor Lab: Bacteria, Archaea & Phages Meeting,Cold Spring Harbor, NY7 9LMB: Susan Gottesman, Nicholas De Lay, Matthew Humbard, Irene Tan*; BPS: Serhiy Surkov; LBMB: Dhruba Chattoraj, Jong Hwan Baek, Jyoti Jaha; LCBG: Li Yang, Hannah YanKaren Knight7/9/127/11/12to Lin 7/10Yes7/12/127/17/12 - added Li Yang & Hannah Yan to spreadsheet; Revised Attach-C not fwd; 7/27/12 - approval recvd from Mary Smith; 8/16/12 - Chris Corey recvd ok for Irene Tan to attend; per Sue Kiser <20 attendees
168/21-25/12CSHL Meeting of Molecular Approaches to MicrobiologyCold Spring Harbor, NYKaren Knight
179/1-5/12Meeting with Dr. Heegaard at the Staten Serum Institute (Workshop)Copenhagen, Denmark2Curt Harris, SchetterKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12YesNAper Lori - not fwd to Deb Carney
9/5-World Molecular Imaging ConferenceDublin, Ireland4MIP: Elaine Jagoda, Hisataka Kobayashi; ROB: Murali Cherukuri, Shigo MatsumotoJamie Bishop8/2/128/8/128/2/12 - Jamie canvassing for attendees8/9/12 - Jamie emailed to add; need Attach-C submitted
189/5-8/12Rnase H 2012Edinburgh, United Kingdom3Stuart LeGrice, Masaoka Takashi, Marion BonaDeb Dixon7/9/127/11/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/11; revision sent to Lin 7/20.H/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/23/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 7/26; less than 5 NCI attendees; not submitted to NIH; travelers can proceed
199/8 -12/12  43rd Annual Meeting of the Environmental Mutage Society Bellevue, WashingtonKaren Knight7/10/127/13/12
9/9-12/1211th European Conf on Computational Biology (ECCB) CANCELLEDBasel, Switzerland2LMB/MMS: Byungook Lee, Chin-Hsien Tai Karen Knight7/12/12Revised 7/18; Robb Mann emailed Lin cancelling trip 7/19CANCELLED 7/19/12
9/9-13/1210th International Catecholamine SymposiumPacific Grove, CA2MCGP: Giorgette Jones, Karlynne ReillyDeb Dixon7/26/128/2/12sent to Lin 8/2Yes8/6/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO
209/11-14/12iMig2012 International Mesthelioma ConferenceBoston, MA3 5LMB: Ira Pastan, Raffit Hassan, David Schrump* + 1 LMB (Jamie's); ?-Andrew Miller*Karen Knight7/6/127/10/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/10. Jamie added 1;Yes7/12/12; revised 7/17/12 & H/C to Deb Carney7/23/12 - Lori emailed to proceed w/ travel; 7/25/12 - added David Schrump to spreadsheet only as mtg already approved; 7/27/12 - added Andrew Miller to spreadsheet only as mtg already approved; SB: David Schrump*; ___: Andrew Miller*
219/11-15/12Epigenetics & Chromatin8/3/12 - Cold Spring Harbor, NYKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12
239/14-16/12International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA), 6th Annual Conference Berlin, Germany 4 5Xin W. Wang; Anuradha Budhu; Curt Harris; Jesper Andersen; Snorri ThorgeirssonKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12Sent to Lin/Lori 7/11YesH/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/25/12 - Snorri Thorgeirsson not attending but name not removed from Attach C as already sent to ADAO; 8/3/12 - CCR approved for 5 attendees
9/15-19/12Kloster Seeon 'Angiogenesis': Molecular Mechanisms & Functional InteractionsKoster Seeon, Germany2Karen Knight8/13/12
249/18-20/12Comparative Pathology (Vet)Ames, IA5traineesKaren Knight7/12/12sent to Lin 7/12YesH/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/23/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 7/26; 8/3/12 - CCR approved for 5 attendees
259/29-10/4/12ESFWorkshop-European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO): Molecular Biology & Innovative Therapies in Sarcomas of Childhood & AdolescencePultusk (Warsaw), Poland2 3GB/MTC: Liang Cao; OD: Lee Helman; LP: Frederic Barr*Lin Grove7/11/127/13/12Yes8/3/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO8/6/12 - Data Call due 8/9; 8/13/12 - Jamie added 1LP: Frederick Barr*
9/30/12- 10/3/12Radiation Research Society (RRS) Annual Mtg San Juan, Puerto RicoJamie Bishop8/13/128/17/12
10/1-5/12EMBO Workshop: Structure, Function & Regulation of Centromeres & KinetochoresBarcelona, Spain1LRBGE: Delphine QuenetKaren Knight8/8/128/8/12 - Karen emailed to add
10/2-5/12PEM6: Sixth Peptide Engineering MeetingAtlanta, GA3Joel Schneider, Cen Sonmez, Mike GianoVanessa Guyton7/20/127/26/12sent to Lin 7/30Yes8/3/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO8/6/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/9
2610/2-6/12Conference is “Mouse Molecular Genetics Meeting”Pacific Grove, CA4 UMark Lewandowski, Terry Yamaguchi, Ravi Chalamalasetty, Mark KennedyDeb Dixon7/10/127/12/12sent to Lin 7/17Yes7/24/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO7/30 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/2
10/16-19/1211th AAACR Int'l Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research ConferenceAnaheim, CA3 4 5LCP: Nancy Colburn, Matt Young, Shakir Saud, Jacqueline Salotti; LHC: Kristen GreathouseDeb Dixon7/13/127/20/12sent to Lin 7/25. To provide updated $.Yes8/3/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO7/30/12 - replaced Monika Kaczmark w/ Shakir Saud; 8/6/12 - added Jacqueline Salotti (need to add 2 to count on Data Call Req = 5 tot); 8/6/12 - Data Call due 8/9 (5 reptd)
2710/21-22/12CASP - Critical Assessment of Protein Structure Prediction Planning MtgRome, Italy2Byungkook Lee, Chin-Hsien TaiKaren Knight7/6/127/10/12sent to Lin/Lori 7/10Yes7/24/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO7/30/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/2
10/21-24/201226th IMG ConferenceSt. Pete, Florida2Karlyne Reilly, Min-hyung LeeDeb Dixon8/23/128/31/12sent to Lin 9/4
24th Workshop on Retroviral PathogenesisPhiladelphia, PA7DRP: Alan Rein, Vineet KewalRamani, Chris Case, Vinay Pathak, Krista Frankenberry; LCP: Sandra Ruscetti; CIP: Kathy JonesDeb Dixon7/27/128/2/12sent to Lin 8/2Yes8/6/12 -Lori emailed to ADAO
2910/24-28/12Society of Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 27th Annual MeetingBethesda, MD20 25 44 60 62OD: Robert Wiltrout; CIP: Jonathan Weiss, Anthony Scarzello, Jeffrey Subleski, Joost J. Oppenheim, Feng Wei; Romina Goldszmid* Tom Sayers*; LTIB: James Gulley, James Hodge, Christopher Heery, John Greiner, Jeffrey Schlom, Kwong Tsang, Anna Kwilas, Sofia Gameiro, Caroline Jochems, Jo Tucker, Claudia Palena, Benedetoo Farsaci, Renee Donahue, Romaine Fernando, Bruce Huang, Jonathan Fallon; SB: Qiong Wang, Steven Feldman, Richard Sherry, Ken-ichi Hanada, Paul Robbins, Yun Ji, Steven Rosenberg, Sadik Kassim, David Schrump; MOB: Christopher Kiebanoff; CBL: Jeff Gildersleeve, Chris Campbell, Joe Barchi, Souvik Biswas; ETIB: Kirsten Williams. Frances Hakim, Miriam Mossoba, Phil Lucas, Nancy Hardy, POB: Rimas Orentas, Daniel Lee, Kathy Warren, Steven Highfill, Waleed Haso, Adrienne Smith, Crystal Mackall; SB: Mark Dudley, James Yang, Douglas Palmer, Christopher Klebanoff, Madhu Sukumar, Nicholas Restifo, Alena Gross; VB: Masaki Terabe, Liat Izhak, Stan Parish, Hannah Weber, Shingo Kato; MOBA: Tim Greten; Jamie Bishop7/10/127/13/127/12/12 - Deb sent to Lin; 7/19/12 - Vanessa sent to Lin w/ additional attendees; Yes7/24/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO7/25/12 - Monica Pittenger added 5 ETIB attendees; 8/2/12 - Jamie added 19 attendees; 7/31/12 - Data Call due 8/2; 8/3/12 - Jamie added 16; 8/6/12 - Mary Smith changed CCR total to 60; 8/10/12 - Deb Dixon added 2 8/10/12 - Tom Sayers & Romina Goldszmid
10/24-28/12132nd Annual Meeting of American Dermatologic AssociationWashington, DC5 7DB: Edward Cowen, Mark Udey, Ken Kraemer, John Digiovanna, Maria Turner, Keidi Kong, Isaac BrownellJamie Bishop7/23/12Lin req names 7/23Yes8/7/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO8/8/12 - Mark Udey emailed for status update & added Heidi Kong & Issac Brownell; they will be added to data call req as Attach-C already fwd
2810/25-27/12 International Workshop on "Viruses, Genes and Cancer"Venice, Italy8 UFrank Maldarelli, Genoveffa Franchini, George Pavlakis, Barbara Felber, Marjorie Robert-Guroff, Robert Yarchoan, Jay Berzofsky, Stuart Le GriceLori Holliday/Lin Grove7/10/127/13/12DRP info sent to Lin 7/17YesH/C-7/19/12; emailed 7/237/23/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 7/26
10/27-30/12AACR - 5th Ann Conf on Science & Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnc Minorities & the Medically UnderservedSan Diego, CA1LHC: Curt Harris; MB: Olan LandgrenKaren Knight8/9/12 - not initially canvassed thru OD nor Attach-C submitted; 2 attendees rept on Data Call due 8/9 (1 from Karen + 1 from Jamie; both added @ time of Data Call)
10/28-31/12American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)Boston, MA14Jamie Bishop8/13/128/17/12
11/1-2/12American Institute for Cancer Research, 2012 Annual Research ConferenceWashington, DC2Matt Young, Sakir SaudDeb Dixon8/27/128/31/12
11/4-9/12ThymUS 2012 International ConferenceSunny Isles Beach, FL14 16Alfred Singer, Tejas Kadakia, Motoko Kimura, Ruth Etzenzperger, Leonid Pobezinsky, Tai Xuguang, Ingrid Saba, Francois Van Laethem, Chris Hong, Megan Luckey, Joy Williams, Karen Hathcock, Steve Bowen, Chiharu Fujihara; +2* from Karen Karen Knight7/17/12UYesemailed to ADAO 7/30/128/6/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/9; 14 attendees rept; 8/10/12 - Karen added 2 from Shauna Schwartz & Lin emailed Mary Smith 8/14;8/6/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/9; 14 attendees rept; 8/10/12 - Karen added 2 from Shauna Schwartz & Lin emailed Mary Smith 8/14;
3011/6-10/12American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual MeetingSan Francisco, CA2CIP: Mike Dean, Mike NickersonDeb Dixon7/10/127/13/12Sent to Lin 7/16YesH/C - 7/19/12; emailed - 7/23/127/23/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 7/26
3111/11-14/12Glycobiology Society/American Society for Matrix Biology MeetingSan Diego, CA4CCRNP: Pradman Qasba, Natalia Mercer, Yuko Tsutsui; CBL: Joseph Barchi; LP: David Roberts*, David Soto-Pantoja* Vanessa Guyton7/3/127/10/12to Lin 7/20Yesemailed to ADAO 7/30/128/6/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/9; 4 attendees rept; 8/13/12 - Jamie added 2LP: David Roberts*, David Soto-Pantoja*
11/12-14/122nd World Congress on Cell Science and Stem Cell ResearchSan Antonio, TX2Weishi Yu, Yi-Xing HanDeb Dixon7/27/128/31/12
11/25-30/122012 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit, Hynes Convention CenterBoston, MA3Joel Schneider, Mike Giano, Kate NagyVanessa Guyton8/2/128/8/12
11/29-12/4/127th Princess Chulabhorn International Science Congress (PC VII)Bangkok Thailand3 UOD: Robert Wiltrout; LHC: Curt Harris;___: Dr. WangLin Groveto Lin 7/30Yes8/3/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO8/6/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/9
12/2-5/12AACR “Tumor Immunology: Multidisciplinary Science Driving Basic and Clinical Advances"Miami, FL21MOB: Timothy Greten; EOB: Marybeth Hughes; SB: Steven Rosenburg; VB: Masaki Terbe; LTIB: Shinji Takai, Claudia Palena, Duane Hamilton, Ingrid Fernando, Renee Donahue, Jonathan Fallon, Sophia Gamero, John Greiner, Christopher Heery, Caoline Jochems, Anna Kevilas, James Hodge, Andressa Smith, Al Tsang, Joanne Tucker, Jeffrey Schlom, James GulleyJamie Bishop8/9/12 - not initially canvassed thru OD nor Attach-C submitted; Jamie Bishop added at time of Data Call due 8/9; Total Rept = 21 (incl Jamie's addition dtd 8/9/12)
12/8-11/122012 American Society of Hematology Annual Mtg & Exposition (ASH)Atlanta, GA10 22 28LB: Louis Staudt; MB: Wyndham Wilson, Ola Landgren, Kieron Dunleavy; MOB: Susan Bates; HIV & AIDS MB: Thomas Uldrick; POB: Crystal Mackall, Terry Fry, Haying Qin, Daniel Lee, Waleed Haso, Jessica Shand, Rimas Orentas, Nirali Shah, Alan Wayne, Jason Levine, Kristin Biard; LMB: Robert Kreitman, Evgeny Arons; GB: Peter Aplan, Sheryl Gough, Masahiro Onozawa; LP: Mary Alice Stetler-Stevenson*, Constance Yuan*, Prashant Tembhare*, Stafania Pittaluga*, Mark Raffeld*, Liqiang Xi*Karen Knight7/17/12to Lin 8/2Yes8/6/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO8/6/12 - Data Call from Deb C. due 8/9; 8/9/12 - total of 22 reported (incl Jamie's addition dtd 8/9/12); 8/13/12 - Jamie added 6 & Lin fwd to Mary SmithLP: Mary Alice Stetler-Stevenson*, Constance Yuan*, Prashant Tembhare*, Stafania Pittaluga*, Mark Raffeld*, Liqiang Xi*
3212/15-19/12American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Annual Mtg - 2012: Cell Biology & Medicine & Cell Biology and the Physical Sciences San Francisco, CA11 13CCB: Gilbert Smith; LPDS: Yien-Che Tsai, Daniel Stringer; NP: Robert Blumenthal, Mathias Viard; LM: Kyung Lee, Jung-Eun Park, Lingjun Meng, Tae-Sung Kim; LRBGE: Minh Bui, Tom Misteli; LCDS: Christopher Westlake; Quanlong LuKaren Knight7/11/127/13/12to Lin 7/19 from Deb D; 7/23 - Lin emailed Karen for names of other attendees; 8/2 Deb D added 2 (Westlake + Lu)Yes8/6/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO
331/20-23/13AACR - Tumor Invasion & Metastasis ConferenceSan Diego CA4Kent Hunt, Thos Geiger, Jude Alsarraj, Ngoc-Han HaKaren Knight7/11/127/13/12
34 3/10-14/13 Society of Toxicology (SOT) 52nd Annual MeetingSan Antonio, TX4 7Dr. Olivero, Dr. Porier, 2 other lab members; BRL: Mike Sanders, + 2 Karen Knight7/10/127/12/128/14/12 - Lin added 3`
4/6-10/13AACR 2013Washington, DCOD: Mary Custer, Laura Hooper, Brenda Boersma, Grace Yeh
4/20-24/13Experimental Biology 2013Boston, MA7LCP: Dolph Hatfield, Bradley Carlson, Min-Hyuk Yoo, Ryuta Tobe, Fang Chen; HIV & AIDS MB: Ravikiran Yedidi; ROB: William Stetler-Stevenson Deb Dixon7/13/127/20/12to Lin 7/25. Never received add attendees/ infoYes8/3/12 - Lori emailed to ADAO
4/22-25/13International Conference Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunomonitoring (CITIM)Krakow Poland3OD: Robert Wiltrout (sponsored); ETIB: Ron Gress (sponsored); CIP: Andy Hurwitz (partially sponsored)Lin Grove8/1/128/7/12
5/3-7/2013Immunology 2013, AAI Annual MeetingHonolulu, Hawaii22LEI: Romina Goldzmid, Marco Cardone, Amiran Dzutsev (SAIC), Deborah Hodge, Fanching Lin, Yinling Hu, Geraldine O'Connor, Daniel McVicar, Kimberly Boelte, Jonathan Weiss, Jeffrey Subleski, Anthony Scarzello, Jim Stauffer, Qun JiangDeb Dixon8/23/128/30/12to Lin 9/4.
LMI: Ji Ming Wang, Joost Oppenheim, Wenqing Li, Wei Shen, De Yang, Xin Chen, Scott DurumLMI: Ji Ming Wang, Joost Oppenheim, Wenqing Li, Wei Shen, De Yang, Xin Chen, Scott Durum
CBL: Joe Barchi
8/22-27/1315th International Congress of ImmunologyMilan, Italy7OD: Bob Wiltrout; CIP: Joost Oppenheim, Giorgio Trinchieri, Scott Durum, Howard Young, Rosi Salcedo, GoldszmidtDeb Dixon8/6/128/10/12