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Biologist/Senior Research Assistant 

Mary Thompson
National Cancer Institute at Frederick
Building 560: 21-6A  
Frederick, MD 21702-1201 U.S.A.
Ph: 301-846-5948


Mary Thompson earned her Bachelor of Science degree (Biology) in 1979 from the American University, College of Arts and Sciences. Concurrently, she worked as a Biological Aide in the Laboratory of RNA Tumor Viruses, NCI (NIH).

In 1980, she joined the Laboratory of Viral Carcinogenesis, NCI (now the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity), as a full-time cell culture technician in the Genetics Section. In addition to cell culture work, she performed various molecular biology assays and cytology techniques. In 1989, she was promoted to Head of the Cell Culture Lab, Genetics Section.

In 1998, she transferred to the Molecular Genetic Epidemiology Section (LGD), to manage their Core Cell Culture Lab. This position included oversight of a number of large study cohorts with thousands of cell lines established from human B-lymphocytes.

In 2010, the LGD Cores were realigned to the CCR/OD-Frederick and became part of the BCGC, where Mary continues to provide expert cell culture assistance to the CCR scientists as requested. Her areas of interest include genetics, virology, immunology and cell biology.


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