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About Genotyping

The BCGC Genotyping Section provides rapid high-throughput genotyping of defined ARGs. The Genotyping section utilizes Taqman®, Illumina, and Affymetrix genotyping technology, providing low- and high-throughput genotyping for all SNPs and STRs within CCR. Currently, the Human Genomics program has a combined ability to produce more than 25,000,000 genotypes a day. Also, our DNA sequencing core can generate more than 5,000,000 base pairs of sequence per week.

BCGC not only has a high level of expertise in these high-throughput genotyping systems, they are expert innovators as well. On both the Affymetrix and Illumina genotyping systems, the BCGC personnel have stream-lined protocols which has allowed greater throughput. On the Illumina system they achieve 30% greater throughput and on the Affymetrix system, the BCGC achieves 300% times the normal recommended throughput! Also, because we do the work internally and closely monitor all stages of the processes, we are able to genotype or recover samples that would not be successful with an outside vendor. In fact, we have been able to genotype or restore 10% of our cohort samples to our genotyping projects that would have failed QC or genotyping at some stage in the pipeline due to their diligence, experience, and expertise. In addition to the cost savings realized due to the increased efficiencies and expertise mentioned above, BCGC has saved a great deal of money by doing projects in-house. The Sequencing BCGC performs the operation of DNA sequencing to assure that all investigators receive equal time and effort with this operation. Sequencing plates are run on a “first-come, first-served” bases. This BCGC provides DNA sequencing on demand, utilizing the ABI 3700 and ABI 3730 machines in 384-well format, producing 900,000 base pairs per day seven days per week, 51 weeks per year. Sequences are delivered usually 24-48 hours after receipt.