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About CocoaGWASNetCDF

CocoaGWASNetCDF was developed to efficiently store, managed and visualize large SNP datasets generated by genome-wide association studies. CocoaGWASNetCDF stores billions of SNP calls, intensities, sample and SNP annotation in a NetCDF format and provides a graphical-user interface to manipulate, visualize and update SNP calls.

With CocoaGWASNetCDF you can ...
  • Efficiently store very large SNP datasets (billions of genotypes)
  • Stores SNP calls and intensities
  • Stores sample and SNP annotation.
  • Visualizes SNP clusters
  • Updates SNP calls
  • Quickly subsets SNP data
    • Sample Selection: sample list, race, or cohort
    • SNP Selection: SNP lists, chromosome or chromosome coordinates
  • Export of SNPs to common formats:
    • Table (Sample Major)
    • Long (Prettybase)
    • NetCDF
    • PLINK Binary files
  • Provides a graphical-user interface to common PLINK operations

Screen Shots

Export SNP calls

SNP Dataset Information

Plot of SNP cluster.