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Bailey Kessing

Data Architect
Cancer Research Technology Program (CRTP)
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.
National Cancer Institute, NIH
Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF)
Room C3017
8560 Progress Drive Frederick MD 21701 U.S.A.

Ph: 301-846-5373


Bailey Kessing received his M.S. degree from the Department of Zoology of the University of Hawaii at Manoa working in the fields of molecular evolution and phylogeography in 1991. He then joined the Smithsonian Institute's Tropical Research Institute located in the Republic of Panama continuing to work on phylogeography with Dr. Harilaos Lessios ' research laboratory. While running the laboratory and research program, Bailey Kessing developed databases to support laboratory research and administration. Starting in 2001, Bailey Kessing has been working as a contractor for Leidos Biomedical Research at the CCR at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick Maryland supervising the BCGC core laboratories and building databases to support operations for the BCGC work.


LIMS Database System-The BCGC’s data storage and retrieval needs require flexible Laboratory Information Management System that is constantly modified for individual and changing needs. A great deal of my time is dedicated to address these ever changing needs for individuals and labs. I am most interested is streamlining workflow from sample collection to data collection. With this in mind I have been working integrating our laboratory protocols with the various instruments needed for our research.

Database Interfaces-Data access and integration is incredibly important to research advances in our group. I am currently experimenting with new interfaces for access and retrieving data from our LIMS. These will hopefully bare fruit in the near future with fuller data access and reports on data for researchers.


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